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Milton Car Works Tank Car

The Milton Historical Society recently took possession of a gift from John Gummo of Beech Creek, PA of the restored replica Milton Car Works tank car which used to sit at ACF Industries, as well as a restored railroad baggage car, and worked with the Borough of Milton to select the tank car’s permanent site. The car was delivered in September and placed near the Milton Police Department on Filbert Street. John Gummo restored both pieces to beautiful condition and we thank him for his generosity. They are wonderful additions to the Milton community. Thank you to the Standard Journal for highlighting this acquisition in the article found below.



A big thank you to Bart Reichards who recently donated several different items to the historical society including a large collection of ACF ephemera – which we will have on display through our November 7 th Open House.


Walnut Corner Cupboard

The Milton Historical Society is honored to have

received this beautiful 1850's Walnut corner

cupboard donated by the Dr. Klinetob family.

Gov. James Pollock Medal

Milton Historical Society has received a very generous gift of a rare

Governor James Pollock Medal from Nancy Slease.

James Pollock Medal.jpg
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